Future of web development?

I’ve been told by 2 people in this field longer than me that web development will become automated in 2-3 years or 5 years and you know what that means, less clients, less jobs until only the ones that take care of those automated things are left. On the internet you will find multiple opinions about something like this, but it’s hard to predict the future like that.I recently got a job and finding out that I will be out of it in such a small time doesn’t sound fun :slight_smile: .What does everyone think? And what do you do to stay ahead of something like that?(besides keeping up with the trends and popular languages) Should we even be worried about such a thing?

Well if they automate software development to that point everyone is going to be out of job. And I mean everyone everyone not just us. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

SKYNET will still need programmers :slight_smile:

not if it can program itself!

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