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I am sathish. I would like to know about the job prospects of web development in this current scenario of automation and machine learning, will they pose any threat to web developers?if yes, how are we supposed to catch the train.

As far as I’m aware fear of the automation in IT is at least two decades old and we are still here :slight_smile: As a professional historian I would compare current trend to a situation in the 19th and early 20th century when people said that machines would supplant humans in the industry. Partially it was true but machines still required managing them by humans. The thing is web dev isn’t only about coding- there is a certain art aspect about it. Machine could spew a huge chunk of “meaty” code but only you will make it beautiful with your use of CSS, SASS and other things.

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I think of working in web development as being a surfer. You ride a wave, and try to stay on top of it. Sometimes you fall, and all waves eventually end. A surfer, though, goes back out and finds the next wave to ride. You need endurance, you need skill, and you need the drive to pick yourself up when you fall.

Staying in one job is less and less realistic in service-based economies. We will migrate as best we can.

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Personally I am looking forward to the day when robots will go to work for me so I can be free to do fun stuff (which may or may not entail sitting at home drinking beer):wink:
Kidding aside I have been wondering the same thing. I decided to dip my feet into the Machine Learning world by signing up for a course. I don’t see the harm in dividing my “coding” time between web development and ML. I have the luxury of being employed full-time (in a non-dev field) so I’m doing all this at my own pace. If you’re struggling to find a job then maybe focus on web dev first and keep your mind open to the idea of pursuing ML later. Looks like it is the future.
As @Folrunge mentioned, we’ve seen these kinds of dramatic shifts in the past (printing press, steam engine, electricity, combustion engine, television, transistors, the internet, etc…). Although I would argue that this phase is exponentially faster than previous shifts in technology. To think that 10 years ago no one was carrying all of human knowledge in their pockets. Crazy…
Until robots are building themselves and shipping us away to mars we will be ok I hope.


I’m not sure there really is much market competition with Machine Learning and web developments yet, Just because big companies start to focus on machine learning and AI doesn’t mean they don’t need people to build web applications. More likely they need web developers in conjunction with ML developers as a team to develop smarter products.

Machine Learning is about finding a way to take in data inputs and spit out the desired output. Web development in large part is about delivering and presenting those data in a meaningful way through the web. Having an algorithm for personalized product recommendation is great, but how do you get people to give you the data necessary to personalize their recommendations? How do you recommend products to them?

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