What Next in my web development career

I am a web developer, I started my journey in 2015 and right now I feel like I am stuck. I know node, express, php laravel and I am working on these technologies. can you suggest me how should I proceed with my career? should I switch to Machine Learning or anything else and if any of them then how and on what factors I should decide to choose. Please Help

Hi @qadirpervez !

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Have you been working as a developer that whole time?
Do you feel stuck in your web dev job and want to look for a better one?
Or just feel stuck in that particular area of web development in general and don’t want to pursue that anymore?

I feel like only you can answer what you would be interested in pursuing next. :grinning:

My main advice would be to make sure you are working towards something and not running away from something.

If you feel stuck in a job, then let’s work in getting a better job.
This whole sentiment might be because you don’t feel challenged at work.

But if you are not interested in that particular area of web dev any more, then I would start taking some classes in other areas of development to see what you would like to do next.

It would also help if you connect with other tech communities for fields you are interested.
Join the community, ask questions connect with other developers.
That can also help you get insight into if you are interested in that field or not.
There are plenty of online communities to choose from.

Hope that helps!


Yes I am working as a web developer the whole time
I am working with PHP mysql and the team size is very small also there is hardly anything challenging for me in my job
I want to switch to some other technologies for example python

Yes that’s correct however how can I decide what factors I might consider in choosing and what are the opportunities for me

I am searching for a new job.

so you mean I should learn first some python? well I have some basics knowledge of python but I am not an expert for the challenging world

I think you have to first determine the end goal and then work backwards.
What kind of developer do you want to be?
What kind of challenges do you want to tackle?
What do you want to be doing for the next 3,5,10+ years?

The first good step would be to connect with some python developers.
Talk to a variety of python developers in web, machine learning, data science, etc.
Pick their brains.

Ask them what they enjoy about the work that they do?
What do they not like about their work?
What challenges them at work?
And ask them anything else that comes to mind.

After you have those conversations, you will have a better sense of what you want to do and what path is a good fit for you.

Then you can come up with a game plan on what to learn in python and what skills are needed to work towards that chosen path.

If you have a couple years experience, then you can literally open LinkedIn, spend an evening optimizing your profile, another evening making your resume, and you should expect 2-5 phone screens/day with technical recruiters.

You may need to spend a couple weeks connecting with everyone in your network / industry as well, but this can be done daily just by opening it up and sending connection invites to 2-3 people.

Posting helps a lot as well, but is a greater time sink.

My LinkedIn is actually hibernated right now because of this. Too many recruiter calls. I will turn it back on when I’m looking again.

Lots of exposure
Lots of practice selling yourself
Learn the market
Learn your weak points
Interviews come to you

Lots of dead ends
Will be majority targeted at your current tech stack unless you do some creative SEO

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Php and laravel aren’t the most popular. But node/express means lots of back-end opportunities at any full stack JavaScript company.

If you started in 2015… that’s 7 years of experience. I am at 2 years experience and making almost triple that, 100% remote.

I think if you are financially motivated, then you really should be looking to make a change.

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