Where to focus learning - Web Dev or Python/ML?

Hi - Advice needed thanks. I don’t need or want a job! I have one. I’m a SW eng by trade but not coded for some time. I have been slowly getting back into it, mainly out of interest/hobby. So, far have been progressing through FCC and 1 JS udemy course.

I don’t know my future but perhaps could keep this a hobby or eventually maybe teaching which I enjoy or even a service-type side gig.

I’m not into CSS/Design stuff much. I’m an engineer! The udemy JS course of making CSS appear/disappear on events didn’t appeal to me… Not that interesting.

With that - advice welcome thanks. Dive deeper into web development / JS / SAAS development. Or python/ML side of things.? I’m leaning towards Python/ML, but not sure if in the future that would lend itself to a side gig if I decide to head in that direction.


Hi @brettstark73 !

To me it sounds pretty obvious that you are not interested in web development.
So don’t do it.
Choose python.

As for the side income comment, worry about that later when the time comes.
Also, if you google “how to create side income with python” then you will get some suggestions you can look into.