Why are freecodecamp sucess stories always directed towards webdevelopment? What of AI/Machine learning?

Hello everyone, my name is Ebuka and I’m a Nigerian…
I started using the freecodecamp about 3 weeks ago and to be honest, I’m loving every bit of what I’m learning…
I started directly with the python course because I was told that this language is great for beginners in programming
So far, I’ve completed the first two projects under ‘scientific computing with python’ and I’m still working on the remaining three to get my certificate…
One thing i noticed though about the freecodecamp sucess stories is that most of the testifiers usually end up with a job in webdevelopment…
This got me curious, as someone who actually wants to venture into AI/ML (another reason why i started with python)…
Does freecodecamp teaches better webdevelopment courses than machine learning?
Do i put python on a hold for now and start with html,css and javascript? Or i should just continue with python and forget about javascript since that’s not really what i want to do…
Pls guys, i need your responses…

Web Dev is much, much easier to get into as a self taught developer than AI/ML. AI/ML/Data Science is statistics with computers. Companies tend to want people with solid, verifiable statistics training for those roles.

freeCodeCamp’s curriculum is primarily focused on web development. It has been expanding slightly with the Python material, but the Python courses are written for students who have already completed the web development material and therefor already know how to program.

freeCodeCamp does publish and share material that is not related to web development on YouTube and their publication, but the interactive curriculum remains web focused.


So, what do you suggest…
Should i skip the python I’m learning now and start learning html?

You can use python for backend and a lot of other tasks, for me it was mandatory/important to learn it. You can also use it for hacking


So, what do you suggest?
Should i put the python i’m learning on a hold for now and start with html?

It depends on what you want to do. If you have no interest at all in web development and really want to start with Python, then I suggest starting with a different Python course that is written for beginners.

If you want to follow the freeCodeCamp curriculum, then I suggest going back to the beginning of the curriculum.

It’s up to you.

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You’ll need web development to showcase your AI/ML skills anyways, why omit it? start now with HTML and CSS, then learn flask.
You can also learn Tkinter(belongs to python) for creating desktop apps for Python.
I’d suggest again to start with web development. Good luck Ebuka.

Thanks for the advice…

Why would someone need web development to showcase of ml/ai ?
Im asking because it is also my concern.
I love data , not that i dont like web dev but i kinda think its a waste of time to learn those back end libraries ! And then never use them !
I appreciate your feed back

If your interest is in ai/ml then you should definitely continue the path you are on. Once you complete the python course there is the machine learning tensorflow course, I am in the middle of that one now, and enjoying it
From what I was told starting out and what I am noticing , is that web dev seems to be more acessible and easier to attain as a self directed learning to career pipeline.
Like you I felt like there was much more out there for web dev, so I learned html and css and found it lacked the excitement that python and ML provided me.
kaggle is also a great resource for free machine learning courses , I have been studying freecodecamp with it and I often use one to reference the other when I get stuck somewhere they compliment each other quite well. I have heard success stories through projects built in kaggle competitions leading to employment, if that is your concern, so its defintely possible its just a little more challenging.
As others have mentioned there are other AI/ML resources on freecodecamp outside of the courses, such as articles and videos. I always scan through the friday emails from Quincy to look for such things that will help compliment the path im on, and usually pick a related article /video/ or project, to learn that week. Though some weeks it seems they are focused more on webdev, javascript, or devops or something.
If your math/stats skills are strong and you can build the projects in the courses here then there is no reason to consider switching if its not what you want.


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