Certifications to start a career in AI or ML

Hi everyone,
I am currently taking Javascript Algorithms and DS course and learning ES6 nowadays. It’s been a great journey, have really loved the way freecodecamp works but at this moment I am confused about skipping and taking the right courses from the freecodecamp certifications list to start a career in AI or ML.
Can anyone please guide me on what courses I must take from the list to start a career in AI or ML?


On the list, there is a course called Machine Learning with Python, Which I guess helps you with this? Link given below

Hi @awais968 !

FCC does have 4 certifications in python and data science.
The machine learning course is the last one before the interview prep section.


Those python sections assume that you have gone through the previous 6 certifications.
So if you are brand new to programming then you might find these courses to move a little bit fast.

You can take a look at it.
But if you feel like the material is a little advanced, then I would suggest looking at other resources.


I am aware of basic programming concepts but don’t want to get involved in web development that’s why I am not interested in HTML CSS, Front End libraries, Microservices… etc
so what you suggest, what certifications should I take after completing JS Algo and DS course?

If you’re talking about freeCodeCamp content, you can always try jumping straight to the Python sections. Be aware that the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence are most heavily based on complex statistics and freeCodeCamp does not currently have math curricula (although it is working on planning and fundraising to have math in the future).

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Standard Disclaimer - It is cool to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence, but its pretty hard to get a job in those areas without a formal statistics background.

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As I mentioned earlier, you can start with the python certifications.

If you feel like the course is moving at a good pace than you can do those 4 certifications.

But if not then you will need to seek out other sources like edx, coursera or the FCC youtube channel.

Also, note that the python curriculum is structured differently than the javascript curriculum
Instead of mini challenges, there will be videos and multiple choice questions.


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