How to master Front-End development and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the same time?

I’m a junior front-end web developer, and I wanna learn artificial intelligence and use it in the web applications that I build, What should I do or learn?

Also, I wanna take a Nanodegree from Udacity in AI or ML but there are too many and I can’t decide which one should I choose?

And also I wanna take a career course from DataCamp, which one should I start with?

I’m so confused and I’m really eager to master front-end and also AI, so what are your recommendations? What are the steps to reach this goal ?

Truly mastering AI and ML will take some statistics courses. I would start out with freeCodeCamp’s Machine Learning with Python certification.

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So you’re saying that first I should learn statistics- maybe from Khan Academy or Coursera - then take freeCodeCamp’s Machine Learning with Python certification., Is that right?

And will the course make me job-ready?

freeCodeCamp is working on a new curriculum, but it’s going to take some time.

As Jeremy said, you’ll want to learn/refresh some hardcore statistics. There are several very good universities that have their core mathematics courses available for free online. I suggest starting with college algebra, then working through the calculus sequence. These will be prerequisites for the statistics you’ll need.


Wow, that’s really spectacular news! Thank you so much

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