Is web development dying?

I am thinking of getting into web development but i was wondering what does the future look for this career. Is it going to die ? Or is it going to grow more than ever ? And will there still be a good 20 years for this industry?
Sorry for bad English, it is my second language.

till the world will use the internet, web development will not die, and keep evolving.
Maybe the language you choose to learn will just have a few years, and you will need to pick up new languages on the way, but web development as a whole will still be there


I am complete newbie in the industry but I do not think you can predict anything in life in next 20 years and especially no job related questions. World trends changes so fast. If you choose one language and stop upgrading your knowledge, you will be stuck even after couple of years. If you like web development, I would suggest setting mindset to non-stop learning and following trends in the industry. Hope so someone more experienced in the field can give their impressions as well. Cheers!

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Well, the web development as we know it today might be very much dead in future, just because Internet will most probably outgrow everything else and will be “the only thing we have”. Consider designer in 10 years:

  • He goes to (most probably not photoshop itself but something of that category)
  • He signs in and has access to all his files and assets stored in the cloud
  • He choses files and starts working, straight in the website

He most probably didn’t go there via browser but rather via “Save to Home/Dock” icon, but the fact is still there - nothing is installed on his device (I almost wrote “computer”…) and nothing will needed to be ever.
And if you doubt it’s possible, check this out:

I give you 99% that software development and web development will merge to one and it’s reasonably to expect that web development will lose most of itself in that merge. So it’s not really dying, it’s merging :wink:


And to take it a tiny bit further, GUI part of any operating system will seize to exist as well, your MacBook in 10 years will have a tiny kernel installed that will “connect” you to your “webOS” (and probably of choice), so your Apple ID/Google Account and your device ID will merge to one as well.

*Assuming the world will manage to stay alive in 10 years

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Those are remarkably bold predictions for their level of specificity.

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I think there will always be a need for web development, but I think that the web will not only be CPUs connected, but brains connected together via web→←brain interfaces with some AI logic. Whether or not existing web technologies will be a part of that revolution will remain to be seen.


If you become a web developer and continue to grow and adapt with changing technologies, you’ll be fine.
If you become any kind of developer and try to nothing new for 20 years, you’ll be screwed.


Is web development dying?

No, web development is growing

When I hear of an industry “dying” you need to ask “what kills it”. Since web development is directly tied with the internet, I don’t think anything will be able to “kill” the internet, and thus web development will stay in some way or another.

The biggest issue with web development is the field changes constantly. Web development 20 years ago was very different than it is right now. I can see this trend continuing. Don’t expect to learn stuff today that will apply to the same degree in 20 years. I recommend learning what you can now, and expect to need to learn new things as the times change.



I started messing around with web development when I was 12 years old(I am now 38), came back every 5 or 6 years for a few months, quit again and came back again :). What I’ve noticed over the course of doing this is that EVERYTHING CHANGES, so if you find yourself not capable of putting in hours a day, at the very least put a little time in every day to keep up with the changes and don’t leave for long periods of time.

I found a cool video online on Youtube that showed the history of programming since its inception, it is cool to watch the meter progress and decline over the course of history and programming languages die out and new ones come along and take over the #1 spot :). Programming always changes and no language stays at the top or even relevant forever, that much I learned from that video.

I doubt that it will die, maybe merge or morph into something else in the future however :). Technology is always changing, that much I know for a fact, and with it so do the programming languages at the top.

Yes, I am also interested in this question… I want to study the topic of creating websites in order to make money from it in the future. How many years will the web development be relevant?

as far as internet exists.
The issue is an other one, how long will your language of choice be relevant? are you willing to keep learning new languages and technologies so that your knowledge is in pair with the trends?

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It may be a few years in the language you have chosen to learn, and you will have to choose new languages ​​along the way, but the web page is still not left. As long as the world uses the Internet, web development will not die, and its development will continue.

I agree with the fact that web development is not dying but keeps changing. Changes they say, “is very constant!”


As long as the world continues using the Internet, there will be a need for people to build it.

Is it going to die? Definitely not anytime soon. There are still tons of businesses out there that are still just learning about the importance of building an online presence. Plenty of opportunity for you to make your own path within this industry! Best of luck!

Web development is definitely not going to die. It industry is moving to other areas such as IoT, automotive, wearables, etc. Maybe it seems like IT industry is moving from web development to other industries, but actually IT industry is just expanding in all areas.

Web Development is not dying. There are many applications which are build using this. As we think about future of Web Development, then also many applications use this as well in different areas.

I would say no. More and more languages are coming out. Although it seems a bit overwhelming, it is important to choose the right one and learn. And there is another way to develop, which is low-code and no-code development platform. People can develop without writing any code. Currently, I use to develop, it is fast and flexible. I guess low-code is the future of web development.