Hey guys :blush::blush:

I just finished building an app that keeps tracking of the current cases reported across the globe about #Coronavirus such as confirmed cases, death tolls, recovered reports and more.

Data source from : Johns Hopkins University; WHO; CDC; USA

Kinda excited to share with you guys :blush::blush:

App Link: https://mighty-brushlands-04871.herokuapp.com/

Project Link: https://github.com/rooneyrulz/coronavirus_tracker

Let me know your comments, Keen to have them

App developed & built & All rights reserved to Ruzny :+1:

Thanks :blush::blush:


It looks great to me. I like your simple, clear UI and your resulting reports.

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Looks good (well I mean, it looks like material-UI).

  1. I would suggest making the report tables sortable by clicking the headers.

  2. The report pages are not responsive.

  3. I would remove the Dashboard button and make the Coronavirus Tracker header the link instead.

Nice job.

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Thanks buddy :blush: :blush:

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Thanks for suggestions :blush: :blush:

Nice job. Are you imputing data manually or do you have some sort of direct data feed?

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Nice work. I like your visualizations . :+1:

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I have a dataset that keep updated daily

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Curious how this updates. I checked my state, Missouri, which now has 2 cases but your tracker only shows 1 at this time.

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Actually, Its updates belongs to US timezone, It’s updated early morning on daily basis.

This is a great app. It’s very informative. God bless you.

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Thank you :blush: :blush:

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Good work. It would be nice to see cumulative number of cases from each country eg recovered cases from US etc. I will also suggest a real time updated reports.

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Yes, I will consider those when I get some more free times,
Thanks you for your suggestions :blush: :blush:

This is a very nice website my friend! Good job! Maybe you can add more features like interactive charts

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Yes, Thank you for the feed back :blush: :+1:

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Yes, Material UI is freaking awesome :grinning:
Thank you

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Simple but useful, good job.

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Thanks buddy :+1:
You can check this one too