COVID19 live tracker built in just one day

Hey guys!
Very good evening to you all… :blush: :blush:

I build a quick app that keep tracking of all covid19 cases across the globe. it’s been really pleasure to share it with you guys :blush:

I am really looking forward to reading your feed backs. Here is the link Let’s check it once :+1: :+1:


live link:

project link:

Just a few minor issues:

  • The red text on that background is very hard to read
  • There are several issues when I increase the text size:
    • The alert stats in the upper right start to overlap other content
    • I get a vertical scroll bar for the content between the header and footer and the content flowing under the header is readable. Also, I cannot scroll far enough to bring the content at the bottom completely above the header.
    • The content in the footer starts to get cutoff at the bottom of the page.
    • The text breaks out of the buttons on the middle of the page
    • The select list does not increase in height/width and thus the text is cut off
  • Instead of having the alerts disappear when the browser narrows why don’t you move them underneath the top header?
  • Change the h2 to an h1 at the top of the page. ‘Global Stats’ would them become and h2. The remaining h2’s would become h3’s.
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Thanks for you suggestion buddy
Actually, I did not care about styling this app anyways I will fix them when I got some free times.

Thanks again :blush: :blush: