Correct output won't pass test for Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs -Relational DB (beta) @ 6% progress

Working through the RDB Beta Cert and I’m hitting a point where the variable I set to the correct value, which passed the previous test, will not o pass the subsequent test when the variable is called.

QUESTION1=“What’s your name?”
→ expected output then doesn’t pass. (see attached)

I have reset the lesson and realize now that typing this all out will take longer than resetting my progress and zooming through again. I am concerned about making significant progress in this course and then running into this issue with 90% completion instead of 6%.

Anyone have any insight or experience with this issue or something similar?

  • when I say I reset, I mean just this tutorial.
  • variable names are QUESTION_1 in screenshot but I have tried with the lesson’s suggested name of QUESTION1 – neither makes a difference.

Really just trying to figure out if this is buggy or if there are specific conventions I may be overlooking.

update - very gltichy, reset the full lessonand have run into similar issues on each question except that I have found a workaround
Now I am able to reset each question when my correct answer is not accepted and then I am able to re-submit the same answer and pass the test.

Maybe someone can get that straightened out if it’s not on the radar already