Learn Bash - Gotta reset in order to pass

Heya, boys and girls! I hope I am posting in the right place :smiley:
I started learning “Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate” like 2 days ago. I reached around 50% and took a longer break. I came back this morning and, after two lessons, my “website” folder I’ve been working on was no longer available, like there was no such directory. I did NOT delete it (of course I reset the current lesson and my folder was still missing). I read a few topics on this forum and it was said that if this problem is encountered, just reset de entire course :frowning: So I did. Anyways, the problem is not this one, but rather: why am I constantly experiencing troubles when I submit the answer that is PERFECTLY written? I have to reset the lesson and, after rewriting the exact same code, the answer is validated… once again, if I reset the current lesson and rewrite the same command that I wrote before, it gets passed.
Thanks in ahead of time and happy coding!