Cover Letter Project Review

Hello Campers,
I am a web development student trying to enhance my coding skills to become a Full Stack Web developer. I did a CV styling project and want your feedback. This will help me improve my CSS styling for the future. If I made any mistakes please do let me know this will help a lot!
Thank you in advance.
This is my CV styling link:

There are a few small things in my opinion under your Competencies you have agile methodology on one line. However, the next two you list are on multiple lines, and in my opinion it does not look appealing. Your other section where everything is on one line looks better.

Towards the bottom you mention skype but do not list any information for it. So you have a random gap in that information section. If skype is not being used then it would be better to get rid of it and close that gap.

It would also be a good idea to look around at line spacing, letter spacing and try some google fonts. These are just my opinions

This is from a mobile view btw

Thank you @Cody_Biggs for your review. I will definitely fix all the issues that you’ve talked about much appreciated!

One more thing I just noticed. Under hobbies you have “and learning new skills”. Since your making a lost of your hobbies you can get rid of the “and” and just keep it at “learning new skills”

Okay will update this and thank you again for your review!

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