What you guys think?

Hello Everyone,
This is a simple project but it is the first time I get this far on my own (without following a step-by-step tutorial). Please let me know what I did wrong especially when it comes to bad practices.

This was supposed to be an HTML-only practice but I wanted to add a bit of style using the little CSS that I know hahaha.

Before I share the codepen, I just want to mention that I am aware of a couple of details that will be fixed later (I’m just lazy right now hahaha):

Now, the so wanted codepen link: https://codepen.io/Hensahi/pen/WNpdwLZ

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback

Well, it’s better than one main and boring CV, but you can do better and add more personality to it.

Other than your name and surname I don’t know who and what you are and what you can do, what kind of jobs you want and what are you able to do.

Yes, I can assume you want to code, but put a little portfolio (yes, even FCC projects) and add more stuff, like CSS effects, a call to action button on the beginning and at the end, a description of yourself, what you like, why you are a developer, if you have a vision and so on. You are not making a CV now, you are making a personal website that you can host and own! You can do more and be more free on what you are doing.

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