My first project=need feedback

hi, community after a few days(actually months) of learning the basics of HTML and CSS I decide that to make a simple project and share it with this great community. (
I really appreciate that if take a closer look at it, remind me of my mistakes and if you have any advice for me be sure to tell me

Your page looks good @SinaNikzad-1999. Some things to revisit;

  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • There are HTML syntax/coding errors you should be aware of and address.
      Since copy/paste from codepen you can ignore the first warning and first two errors.
  • Do not use the <br> element to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for.
  • Make your page responsive. Remember, the R in RWD stands for Responsive
    • There’s a horizontal scrollbar on smaller screens, elements are squished and run into each other.
  • Clicking “lands” in the nav brings the user to “law” and clicking “law” in the nav brings the user to “lands”. This would be a bad UX.

Did you go through freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design lessons when learning HTML and CSS? If so, there are five projects at the end that you can do to practice what you’ve learned. Each one gets progressively harder and requires research, planning, trial and error, and will strengthen your skills beyond what you gained from the incremental challenges.

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Thank you so much for looking at my small project and giving me some advice. It means a lot to me.
I will try to follow all your advice. And yes, I’m learning HTML and CSS in freeCodeCamp and I’ve not finished yet

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