Create-react-app and github

I’m pretty new to react and to git, but I’m planning to make a new react app and put the project on github. I’m using VS Code to do the actual coding offline. Then I plan to upload to github. I’ve found places that describe how to do it.

My problem is that when create-react-app makes my default new workspace for my app, the folders add up to 301MB – almost entirely the node modules. Surely this isn’t all meant to go up onto github.

You are correct. In fact, you do not even need to include the build folder on GitHub. When you create your git repo locally, you will need to create a .gitignore file with node_modules.

I found this .gitignore file on facebook’s create-react-app repo.

Thanks for that.
You know what? create-react-app automatically made one of those. Now that I know what to look for I can see it in the cryptically titled “.gitignore” file!

Or you can you it is really helpful and easy to use. You need not build the project everything is done under the hood. You can give it a try. It is really good for deploying static website

Thanks, Deeksha73
I will bear that in mind. But I want to use github for now because a couple of the jobs I’ve applied for have asked about github. I’ve currently got no footprint there except absolute beginners stuff.