Uploading a react app to a github respository

Hello everyone, i am running into an issue where I can’t find help online.
I am trying to deploy my react app on github pages, I can find plenty of guides and tutorials on how to do that. However I can’t find a tutorial on how to get my entire react app as a github repository.
There’s many many files in these folders with folders and subfolders, I can’t find a guide on how to upload more than just a few files.

I am not asking for someone to hold my hand through the process, I just want to be pointed in the right direction on how to upload everything in a folder to a repository.
If you know a good tutorial or any kind of help, I would appreciate it.

So far I have this. I am not sure what is happening with that main ‘kittenapp’ folder.

Did you try this?

Github pages looks up for the index.html in your repositories root folder.

so basically if you want to host your react application, then you will have to build your application which gives you the bundled code with the index.html file which can be used for GitHub pages.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you thank you!
I love the FCC community.