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I’m following this tutorial Code a Discord Bot with Python - by FreeCodeCamp.Org

to create a bot for Discord. I keep receiving this error when I type ‘$inspire’ and I am not sure what it means. If anyone could help or explain that would be much appreciated. I am using replit to code.

Inside get_quote function, after pulling response from the link, add a code print(response) to see what you are getting and if it has a text property.

Also move the link inside brackets to upper line just after get method, I don’t exactly know if it is an issue though. Not super confident about the syntax.

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Hi @ImRanDan !

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Screenshots are super hard to read.
It is always best to post your code directly into the forum.

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Thanks for the reply! I moved the brackets around and found out it was mostly syntax error. I don’t know what I did truly but it works now.

Greatly appreciate your help!


Thanks for the warm welcome! I will keep this in mind the next time I post.

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The issue here was how the function wasn’t called due to the calling parenthesis and the argument being in the next line

def get_quote():
  response = requests.get("")

As a rule of thumb, whenever calling a function or a method that’s a function, it’s always best to ensure that your identifier(function name) is followed by a ( in the same line

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