Creating a Tribute page

I assume that you have to sign up and pay for in order to complete the project

No, you just go here

thank you for the link

There is a pro version of codepen, but the free version will work just dandy for what we need here. Codepen is a great tool for quick, small front end projects and for testing things out.

I feel as though I am not getting something. I have made it to the point of the tribute page, but feel like I wasn’t taught everything I need to know to make one that looks like the example. Is this normal? I also don’t understand the point of the bootstrap rows and columns. I thought only 12 columns fit in a row but it seems like you can actually do more than that.

I felt the same way when I got to the tribute page project. I happen to also be going through video lessons on a different site (, so I did their Bootstrap lesson to supplement. What I learned was, you can get a lot out of the Bootstrap documentation.

Here is the link to the documentation:

On the right sidebar, under Layout, Content, Components, and Utilities, it will expand when you click those and you can see the different classes you can add to your HTML elements to make them appear different ways, and there are examples of how that will look.

I would try to explain how I understand the rows and columns, except my 3 year old is waking up from nap and I know I’ll never finish if I don’t just post this response now! Sorry!

I second going through the bootstrap docs; however, that link is for bootstrap 4 which is still not fully supported. Best to stick with bootstrap 3 for now.