Simple Tribute Page using bootstrap

Hi to all campers.
This is my tribute page made using bootstrap.
link -

I had made it simple and cross platform (mobile ,laptop and desktop)
Kindly verify .

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Welcome to FCC! You did very well… The only things I can suggest are really minor…

Removing the bullet points from your lists will make it look much never… just add list-unstyled to your ul classes in the html to do that. Also, your page could use a bit of breathing room on the edges… I tried setting a width of 90% to your container-fluid style in css and it made a huge difference.

Thats all personal preference stuff though :smiley: You are off to a great start.

Hey Thanks cndragn
I had made the changes.It really made the difference
link -

Again Thanks

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Hey I have seen your project it is nicely compiled I’m also doing the same project can you tell me where to download the photo and where to do the project

Hey @yog24esh ,

Very well done buddy.
you had done a great job for tribute page.

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