Critique my cover letter

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Hello Ethan, I have noticed few things:

  1. Do you have any concrete examples of the websites you have built? If yes then mention them instead of being generic or at least mention you are eager to show them your work.

  2. “As a new developer, I know it will take time and teaching to get me up to speed. In the meantime, I will bring a great boost in morale in an easy to manage package.” I wouldn’t put this in the opening paragraph where you should underline your strengths.

  3. “I am a great web developer because I love to learn and I love to see a new challenge and then overcome it.” This is just my opinion but I don’t think this adds value to your cover letter as it is “just” what you think of yourself. Again better in my view to provide concrete examples.

I hope this is helpful,

good luck

Hey @Anon551122!
I sent you a message with a fake email (just testing :smiley: ) . It would be good that you start looking at the back end for your contact info. Make sure the email is verified through the back end
I hope this help.