Critique my tribute page, content and/or code

Hey guys,

Here is my tribute page:
I started coding just a couple of weeks ago. So all feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @anon46395391,

The design is essential but nice! You could try playing around with the fonts (changing the font-family for instance) or the colors, and maybe a link to your GitHub profile or your personal blog/website at the bottom of the page (something like “this page was researched and written by Fruitman”).
Anyway, great job! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @DownTheMatrix
Yes, applying some Google fonts and colors will be good coding practice. Once I finish the Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage challenge, I will add the links you suggested.
Great feedback mate. I much appreciate the encouragement.

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You’re welcome!
As someone who started this incredible journey into coding rather recently myself, I know how important is to feel motivated and keep on practicing all the time.
I look forward to the updated portfolio page! :wink:

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