Cross-env not found

Hey all,

I’m trying to set up freeCodeCamp locally using Docker. I installed all the dependencies with no error but when I try to run npm run docker:develop I encounter this error

I installed cross-env and changed "develop": "cross-env⁩ DEBUG=fcc* node development-start.js" to change cross-env path but still encounter the same error.

My repo is freshly cloned and I updated my node and npm versions.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi. I faced with the same issue today and managed to fix it only by adding “cross-env” package to api-server/package.json and running “npm install” from “api-server” folder.
Looks like this is a bug and cross-env was added to the command, but wasn’t to dependencies.

@theabytheriver thanks for reporting this, it should be fixed by And thanks, @ivan-nikolaievskyi, you were quite right, cross-env was missing. Not entirely, but it wasn’t available for npm run.