CS Degree at UoPeople

Hi everyone,

I am a Brazilian studying at freeCodeCamp. I live currently in Brazil and I’m enroll in a BS Computer Science degree at University of People.

My question is : Is that degree at UoPeople worth it ?

Thank you.


After some quick searching it seems actually pretty legit

Here are some things that stand out about University of the People

  1. Non-profit
  2. National Accredited (this is a big one)
  3. Claims to be free of tuition, but there are fees and costs still.

I’m unsure about the quality of lessons (I didn’t look that deep into it) but a good flag is that the school is accredited, which is good as it basically means the school was peer reviewed and it meets a certain standard.

Beyond that I can’t say for sure, but like any non-top-tier college, I recommend supplemental learning to anything you learn while enrolled. Its frankly highly unlikely they teach you everything, and a key skill to have as a software engineer/developer is the ability to learn new things. So defiantly spend some off-time/free time outside of your course work to learn, expand your knowledge :smiley: its very useful once your done with uni to have some extra experience under you belt from personal projects, experiences.

Thank you for your comment.

I totally agree with you. But, what about the regional accreditation ? The UoPeople does not have a regional accreditation.