Opinions on University of the People CS Degree from Australian folk

Was wondering if anyone has done the UoP CS degree from Australia but also anywhere. Considering doing it as I’m not a huge fan of traditional universities, I thoroughly enjoy online study, lastly I’m finding unstructured education has been getting pushed to the wayside lately and something like UoP can provide a thorough and timely educational experience that can keep me on track.

My questions are as follows:

  • Do many employers value the UoP CS degree in Australia,
  • What’s the load like, how many hours a week is it roughly per unit?
  • What languages do you learn
  • Would you recommend it to someone like me who has a Bachelor of Computer Systems and Networking but whose knowledge in programming is quite rudimentary. Has a Desktop Support job that is sustainable and good but would like to move toward development in the years to come.

Thanks in advance!