CSS box model technical documentation page +Question

Here is the page: https://codepen.io/kipoph/full/BaBxoKy
what do you think?

I have one problem I am not sure how to fix:
When width is to small do hold the #main-doc it scrolls into the fixed #navbar.
I can’t think of a way around this because one of the user stories is to keep the #navbar always visible on the left.
Any Ideas?

Hello @kipoph
Better solution is to move the left navbar to top when the screen is small. It allow user to read easily the content
See my project here nad how it works https://codepen.io/dhmm/pen/pozaxYP
If you have any question I will answer as possible

Hey I tried it out,
So it works well but it fails one test on a smaller screen size…
I actually think this is probably the best solution and that the tests should be tweaked for this situation.