CSS brick wall, advice

I feel like I am over CSS enough. I get most of it but something just isn’t click with it in my brain. It’s hard for me to remember all of it and I forget most of it by the time I move on to the next thing. Flexbox and getting the CSS layout going is what’s killing me.
Would Bootstrap help me out?

Firstly, hang in there. CSS is by far, the most headache-inducing technology that Al Gore ever conceived during that infamous interview. It takes several bottles of Tylenol, anguish sessions, and hair loss before having a true grasp of the markup. Flexbox is no different. Much pain, and anguish before you wield it with adeptness. However, whatever you do, learn CSS on its own before you take on libraries like Bootstrap.

Bootstrap abstracts away a lot of the complexities that CSS has to offer. Though it’s great in a pinch or when you need to create something clean quick, it becomes limited very quickly when you try to make it do things it cannot. Thus, you start developing bad habits which become very difficult to break.

Hang in there, and keep grinding with CSS. There’s a reason masters call it Bootcrap :slight_smile:

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