Bootstrap, Flexbox and CSS Grid? Thoughts and Opinions

Hey guys, so I’m still a beginner but I have always preferred Bootstrap for layouts and other stuffs but with the introduction of Flexbox and CSS Grid and the hype around it, it makes me feel that I must learn them too. It’s really bothering me (already struggling with JavaScript). So, I want to know if Bootstrap does the same thing as Flexbox and CSS Grid because Impostor syndrome is beginning to have the better of me. I need to get it off my mind!

Hey peoray, In my opinion flexbox is a “game changer” once you learn it. It greatly reduces the struggles with arranging page layouts and sizing.

Just like it’s important to learn Javascript before React, I think it’s important to learn CSS before/alongside of Bootstrap.

Easiest way to learn the basics from my experience is to catch a 15 min video on Youtube and code along with it.

Once you have the basics down, start using it in your projects. This page has some great applications you can apply:


Bootstrap 3 does not use flex. Not a single line of flex property in it.
Bootstrap 4 is a different animal. Lots of flex.


A couple of tools for you to learn flexbox:


Have fun :smiley:


This page helped me with flex.

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I thought divs and floats was easy already. Flex and grid just made it event better. Although I haven’t hang up divs and floats yet.

Beneficial to learn all 3.

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I’ve been using bootstrap, but I want to get away from it. I feel like I spend more time trying to override bootstrap styles than I would spend writing the css from scratch.

I’m interested in playing around with susy and flexbox.