Flexbox.io video tutorials

Fantastic free video series on working with flexbox in css.
You can download the code and follow along.
It really helped me with understanding flexbook.



From seeing the first videos it seems to me you could easily ditch Bootstrap and use only CSS3 with flexbox. Am i correct?

Bootstrap still gives you nice css styles and might have some stuff you wanna use.
He still uses it for styling in some of the videos.

As for the layout of things Bootstrap is still gonna make your life easier at times.
Bootstrap 4 is being built on flexbox.

Css Grid combined with flexbox should eliminate any need for Bootstrap you might have in regards to layout.
But who knows when browsers will actually implement Css Grid.

I’m sure someone else who is actually good with css could answer this question better.
I’m not great with bootstrap or css, but learning flexbox has made my time with css easier.

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Also checkout http://flexboxfroggy.com/

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I did flexbox froggy the other day. It was a fun way to practice.
Wes Bos the author of this video series had a link to it and some more great flexbox resources at http://wesbos.com/flexbox-resources/

Flex in 5 minutes


Not video but great resource…

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