Css Grid is pretty awesome

What do you guys think?


This looks like it’s going to make page organization a lot easier on frontend developers. Looking forward to seeing it get supported everywhere (I.e. mobile browsers that still need updates, etc.)

I’ve yet to try it out, need to just throw something up that uses it sometime. I agree though, it looks great.

That was like watching someone do a magic trick :heart_eyes:

I LOVE Grid. Using it at the moment on a project, combined with flexbox all of the layout & responsiveness has been incredibly simple to implement.

Would recommend people learn the basics of it.

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I don’t know why I missed this video, but it is a really nice introduction to CSS Grid. One thing that he doesn’t mention is grid-template-areas which makes it even easier, especially for making your page responsive.

Another great video about CSS Grid (more talk than code) also showing grid-template-areas:

And an article he wrote about it:

If you’re like me and always have to consider support on older browsers, I recommend Is it really safe to start using CSS Grid Layout?


I’m a big fan of Brad Traversy. I did a follow along to his Javascript for beginners, just to hone my FCC skills. I was going to ask how this relates to Bootstrap 4 but I did a search first to see if I could find an answer online, and I did here.