CSS Issues With Landing Page

So I’m having a lot of issues with CSS in my landing page, the big one being that the class selector just isn’t working. I type in .icon and it just isn’t working and it’s driving me insane. The other thing is that when I’m doing the features bit I can’t figure out how to make the text go on the side of the logo as opposed to below. Help would be appreciated. https://codepen.io/Smellbringer/pen/XWjNGEx

  width: 80%;

Play around with this, see if it makes any difference, you can separate them to give them different values

It did but the code wasn’t clean so I didn’t want to use it. Reddit figured out the answer though.

Yeah its looking better than before but opening from a mobile phone its not responsive.

I’m trying to work on that, I got the header to shrink but I couldn’t get the image or video to shrink.

How about adding width% to both

Well I figured out how to fix the issue when I did @media I didn’t double bracket. I was gonna type out about how I hate how obtuse this can be but then I remembered I never clicked the Analyze CSS button which probably would have told me.
So I’m just kind of an idiot. Still don’t know how to improve my header. Also do my colors seem flat they feel flat.

I would remove the padding on the body and wrap the whole page in a main tag except the header.

I would then place padding on the main.
I would also style my list with display:inline to remove bullets and my anchor tag text-decoration:none
Background-color on the unoedered list can be an option

Okay, I did some of your fixes but honestly it feels like I need to scrap the whole CSS header and try again. Something I’m not in the mood for tonight so I’ll try it in the morning, maybe watch a proper Youtube video to learn instead of just typing down line for line what the example page showed, which is a terrible idea but I’m a bad student so the lessons went right through one ear and out through the other.