CSS or HTML question/open answer

Hi! I’m working on a project for a german class that involves creating a basic website with practice exercises on it. Some of my exercises are translation questions, ie. I give an English sentence and the user has to translate it into German. So:

Is there a way to have multiple questions and allow the user to type their answer for each one? Is there a way to type in the right answer and have the user’s answer marked right/wrong?

The multiple choice QA code was an easy Google search, but I can’t find anything on allowing the user to type an answer. I’m sure it’s out there, but I don’t know enough about CSS and HTML to even begin to know what I am looking at. (Shout out to the Myspace era for teaching me how to copy/paste HTML and edit it :joy:)

appvalley tutuapp

the input field of type text will let the user type in there
or also textarea
but then you need JavaScript to check if the answer is correct

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