CSS problem (survey form challenge)

I’ve basically completed all the requirements of the task, but the formatting was horrible.
It was normal initially, but after making some minor changes to the text, the formatting went crazy and I had no idea how to fix it even after hours of research.
Someone please please help ;(

PS: I’m referring to the formatting of the survey form I’m making, NOT the code themselves. click into my pen and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Hello charlottkpc,
I haven’t been into coding for a year now (July 23 2017- april 1st 2018) but from my experience over period I have been doing CSS I believe the error with your formatting is with margins and padding.
I will advise you to start over fresh like create a new css file and use a reset.css to clear the web page intial pre-styling css.

Thank you so much!
I’ve redone the whole thing and the issue was amazingly resolved

you’re welcome, glad to be of service :smiley: