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After filling the HTML editor and CSS, I expected a colored out put, but it seems all the CSS features didn’t reflect in the out put, kindly assist

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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Hi @Babatunde. When you copied the code over you made a great many typo’s, especially in the CSS section. You can click on the down arrow in the CSS section and select “analyze css” and clean things up.

Kindly help me check out if I’ve gotten it right, because all I’m seeing is “screen coming out soon”

Just don’t know what’s popping, I’ve been stuck here for too long!

Thanks while I awaits a feedbacks

If by “gotten it right” you mean some of the typo’s were cleaned up then yes, it looks like it since you see the background now. There are more typo’s though.

On a side note, I’m not sure what your goal is. Why not build your own survey form?
Start with a blank canvas and without looking at, or referencing, the sample project fulfill the user stories one at a time.

  1. Change the import url : .com was missing
    @import url(‘,400&display=swap’);

  2. In body::before, its z-index and not z index

/* mobile friendly alternative to using background-attachment: fixed */
body::before {

z-index: -1;


Hi, thanks a lot for your support. Kindly help check it out now. Hope its ok this time around.

@Babatunde, once again, I’m not sure what your goal is by copying the sample form. If you’re just trying to see if you can do it then instead of asking in the forum if you’ve done it you can compare your files with the sample files using the diff command if you’re on a Mac or the fc command if you’re using Windows. You can Google to see how each works.

If you’re working toward the RWD certification then start with a blank canvas and build the survey form without referencing the example project.
The example projects show one way the project can be done. The project you make only has to be ‘functionally similar’ and should have ‘your own personal style’.