CSS Select element and class question

Hi guys, I’ve been following some CSS lessons and I’ve seen people using:
.class > element {}.
for exemple
.wrapper > div {}
The purpose was to point to all the divs within the class .wrapper.

My question is the following; until now, To do the same, I’ve been using just:

.wrapper divs {}

without the ‘>’

Are those do the same? If not what’d be the difference?

Sorry to open a new Topic for just such silly question, but I couldn’t find a proper answer anywhere.

Thanks a lot!

The > says that the next element has to be a direct child. So in a more complex HTML structure, it will be applied only to elements that are direct descendants.

While not writing > will affect all elements within, no matter how deep they are.

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The symbol > when used will affect only the div that are directly in the class that means if a div in the class has another div in it, the div in it will not be affected only div that are directly inside the div

"< Div class= “wrapper” >

Level 1 div < Div>
Level 2 div < Div> < /Div>
… < / Div>

< /Div>"

If you use “>” Level 1 div would be affected and Level 2div won’t

If you use " space between them " Level 1 div would be affected also Level 2 div And all other div

Google about html child element to know more

Hope this helps?

Wow! Totally get it now, Thanks so much for this. I’m going to take a deep look on the child element chapter.