CSS Vendor Pre-fix Reference

Though every day standards are getting a little bit better, I realize there is still a great deal of ‘cross-talk’ between getting CSS implementations, particularly animations, to work across all the kernels (webkit, Edge, etc).

I would kind of be surprised if there wasn’t (or if not, there should be, let’s start it !), but does anyone know of a reference site that will list, say I’m using XYZ feature, these are all the manufacturer prefixes I also need to add in addition for cross browser capability ?

Just paste your CSS code here, and it will auto-prefix it.


Personally, I’m using Codekit to auto-compile my LESS files and it will automatically auto-prefix it too.

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+1 on Autoprefixer, you shouldn’t be manually writing prefixes at all - once Autoprefixer was introduced a few years ago, it became a non-issue. Somebody else has already done this work, the implementation is extremely comprehensive, and you aren’t going to be able to get close to that. in general it’s just for backwards compatibility nowadays, the number of properties needing prefixing in newer evergreen browsers (e.g. almost everything bar IE) is vanishingly small

Hm… Okay, well that is good to know.

However even still running it through the prefixer somehow my CSS Grid code is not working on MS Edge ? :confused: Looks fine in Chrome…