Is it smart to switch to CSS Grid?

I kinda wanna start using CSS grid… but… its not supported AT ALL. When do you guys think this will be something more widely supported?


When I write code, since it’s something I do for fun and not a job at the moment, I only support the latest browsers - not going to bend over backwards on hobby projects - I use whatever latest standards I desire, if you are writing code freelance make your clients aware they must pay extra to support legacy browsers (for example IE6 support). In a work environment you’ll need to consult your company’s internal policies on which browsers to support/not-support.


It’s supported in all new browsers & IE11 (note IE/earlier Edge use the older syntax, but if you use Autoprefixer [which you should be] that’s a non-issue for most cases). As Chrome/FF/Safari/Edge all auto-update, older versions of those browsers tend to have very low usage stats so can generally be discounted when deciding whether to use a feature. It works almost everywhere, so safe to use unless it’s critical you support older browsers (eg it’s an internal company project and the IT department has locked browsers down, or it is for government/public sector sites with very strict rules on support).

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