Is CSS Grid Safe To Use (compatibility)

I was just wondering, is Grid safe to use in 2020, or should we be using flexbox, creating fallbacks?

Or is there a more popular/better way of arranging items?

I am a complete newbie, but I want to learn properly.

As you’ll see, all the major browsers support it. Just a small handful of minor ones don’t. Unless you really need to support those holdouts I think it is OK to use CSS grid.

CSS Grid is completely viable. When in doubt check on Can I Use

The real question is how far back do you need to support?

And as a point of note, it’s not really CSS Grid or flexbox, usually it’s a mix of the two depending on the use case. So you might have the page laid out in CSS Grid but the nav element might be a flex container.

That make sense to you?

Perfect, thanks! Just as I discussed with others in unofficial FCC Discord.

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