Current Trade salary question

I see all the hype with programming and coding, web developers etc. and how much they make but when u type into google the annual salary. U find 60k-130k$ per year. it’s not as good as everyone hypes it to be. Where is the money at? Or is google not being very accurate? Genuinely curious.

Well I guess money is all relative because some people would kill for a 130k year job.
But if you are coming from a job that makes more than that then you might not be impressed with that salary.

If you are looking for more than 130k, then the large FAANG companies would give you that but that is really hard to get into.

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What’s the high range if I were to dive into the coding trade all the way? Could I reach 200-300k$ a year? Or possibly more? @jwilkins.oboe

Sure, it is possible.

You can google salaries for any of the FAANG companies.
But also you have to factor in cost of living.

For example, maybe you are making some really large salary at google but the cost of living is crazy high.
So unfortunately your money wouldn’t go as far.

But I assuming you are asking all of this because you are coming from a really high paying job.

Here is an example google search for facebook salaries

Current construction buissness owner. Maybe I need to do some research and look into the trade a little bit more before I dive off into it. I love coding in general, it’s interesting, maybe look into how difficult the level is to get accepted into these faang companys. I never get bored with this trade! Thank you for your feedback! and the link. Very helpful

It’s going to vary considerably by location, industry, expertise, and luck. If someone has been giving you the impression that the average developer makes 10x the national average income, then they’re very wrong. It’s a good paying job, but it’s not insane.


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