So, tell me: what are your salary expectations?

Hi guys,

I’ve been working my way through my front end course and was lucky enough to get a front end developer contract that lasted 4 months. There, I was on $300 a day which was a great rate considering I still feel very much like a junior.

Now, I am keen to get back out there and have been applying for jobs but the biggest question I get is:

“What are your salary expectations?”

I have seen jobs for front end devs ranging from $60,000 - $100,00 which is wildy vast. I know it depends on experience, but a lot of companies don’t really know how to “price” a developer, which makes it hard for me to say a good figure. To be honest, I would be happy with ANY amount, purely because I love working as a web developer :slight_smile:

But if I say that I would work for any amount, then some companies find it odd and have said that I might not be good enough. Other jobs I have said a high -ish figure and they have said I’m too expensive!!

Does anyone have any good tips, advice on salaries, or ways to combat this question?

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I’m terrible at this sort of thing, but there are a number of YouTube videos that give some interesting perspectives. I’ve been going through this list, which offers more than I could hope to sum up here. Give them a look and let us know what you think.

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Probably worth reminding people that you’re an Aussie, so 60-100k for us means something different for others.

If others respond - include your location so people know what they are comparing :slight_smile:

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Check out this post on medium. It should answer your questions.

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Great article, freddydumont. In a job hunting class I took a few years ago, they actually said that when an employer asks you about pay before you have officially been offered the job, they are actually testing your knowledge of business etiquette. If they press you hard enough, they might also be testing your knowledge of the industry. You can give a range, but it better be a fairly broad one.

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Thanks for the great replies guys! I appreciate the help!!