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Hi all,

I recently went on a couple interviews and I think I am close to an offer. Made it past two rounds of technical interviews and built a small project(Which they liked). Meeting with the CEO next, I would believe to negotiate.

This will be my first real developer position if all goes well. Its a Front end developer position in NYC working with React and React native mostly. My questions is what should I ask for a salary?

I looked on Glassdoor and for a junior dev position in NYC is 105k.

This seemed unrealistic to me. So what should my asking price be for considering this is my first real fulltime position as a dev, but it is based in NYC. I currently work as a technical support engineer at a software company(not as a developer). But dont have formal CS degree.

Thanks for your input.

Can you find this company on ? You can check how much the company is paying its current employees, as another measure that could be evaluated.
I do think Glassdoor is reliable, but if you’re not completely comfortable you can find one or two more websites and use all of them as a parameter (and also to justify your proposal to the employer).


Also, you can try to find people on or that work in the area and ask for their advice.

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Thanks for the advice. Yeah I attend a couple of these coding meetups in the city and asked around. They did confirm that 105k is a little unrealistic. I got a good idea of what I should be asking for from them. Thank you.

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hello bro, have you got your job? what was your asking price?

Sorry about the late reply. Yes I did end up finding a job and have been there for 7 months. This is should be dependent on experience, background, skills etc…
But from talking to recent graduates of good bootcamps in the nyc areas. Most seem to be asking for a range of 75 - 90 K . But this my knowledge based on a sample sample size, so please take this with a grain of salt.

Good luck to you

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For jobs that pay 75-90K, are you working much more than 40 hours per week?

This will always depend on the company, but in general, for that salary in NYC I would not expect extremely long working hours.

I’m UK & extrapolating from London jobs & pay figures, but there’s absolutely no reason there would be abnormal working hours. They look like crazy high figures, but these things are relative. The figures are pre tax and it’s the city with the seventh highest cost of living in the world. So back of a napkin: for someone single with no dependents or health conditions or whatever: 75k == 50k after tax, average basic cost of living is 1k/month, average rent is 2k/month, so -36k leaves 14k which is all very nice but doesn’t take into account other costs. NYC is a financial and tech hub so renumeration should be expected to be higher, but once you calculate actual real income it’s not staggeringly higher than many other cities, there’s no reason to expect any real difference in working hours (and that’s not really how productivity & pay works in tech jobs generally anyway)

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