Front-End Developer intern pay


I have an upcoming phone interview for a paid internship as a front-end developer. Judging from the job description it sounds as though the focus will be on Email development. I know they’ll probably ask my pay requirements and I really have no idea how much to ask for. Minimum wage? $15/hour? $25/hour? I have no professional experience and I’m located in the Boston area.

Oh goodness.

Email development is a specialized niche…and depending on what they need can be extensive or only html / css

honestly they should pay you about the same as a junior dev. 50 - 60 k a year.

Check out the company on glass door and their average pay rates for devs. You should be working for a livable wage intern or not. I would expect that 20$ - 30$ hour be normal, with 20$ being on the low, maybe walk away end.

If you do take it…save yourself some sanity and join emailgeeks on slack. Coding email is not the same as front end dev and we’re a pretty helpful bunch…you’ll want that support in email

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