Cursor:pointer doesn't work



The “X” exists (console show it) but when i try to press it doesn’t work, including the property cursor:pointer (when i hover over the “X”). I been playing with the z-index and still get same result.
The FINAL purpose of this “X” is press it and “disapear” the content (ex: Rosa title description, and background).

Any advide?
Thanks in advance.

Where’s your JS file?

It’s in there. It’s just hidden on the right side. You have to expand it into view.

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No, when i hover over the “X” doesnt show cursor: pointer.

Sorry, my response was aimed at sober9075.

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Do you have your code on github? Let me try it on my machine


Use this JS Code

const closeBtn = document.getElementsByClassName('closeBtn'), (btn) => {
  btn.addEventListener('click', e => { = 'none'

And change the css property of slide to

position : relative;

all your flowers were one on top of the other, and I think the click event wasn’t going to the right element

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Thanks! but when i change the slider to ‘position: relative’ and then click the ‘next’ button to see other images the whole slider disappear.
Thanks for trying to help.

Anyway, i alrady fixed the problem, with a simple z-index (lol). How Jen Simmons says “position: absolute is evil”. Thanks a lot! i have to keep studying. I don’t know why ‘querySelectorAll(’.closeBtn’)’ doesn’t work. And other things.
Thanks again.

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You can always refer MDN Docs…