Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 47

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I don’t have an issue with this step, I completed it, but I had to ask everyone here.
When we had steps in other projects talking about cleaning up code, why are we adding a ‘cursor: pointer;’ line when by default, adding in an ‘a’ element makes that happen? That’s adding lines of code that are entirely redundant.

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I was doing this right now, I completed it but I’m confused. They never taught about a cursor: pointer till now, also text-decoration. As a complete beginner I’m very scared and things like this are enough to make it even worse :joy:

There’s been a fair few elements and styles talked about as though we’re meant to know them, but I thought this was a program designed to teach it. So it confuses me as well when they talk about certain items and say “set a rule for x to do y” as though it’s been covered or is just common knowledge.
Made me think I had skipped a step somewhere.

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Part of becoming a developer is the necessity to know how to correctly research or ask for help to solve a problem you are facing. Some of the lessons are left vague or don’t provide explanations of things because it wants you to research them on your own to get a better understanding.

As for the pointer, it is to ensure the viewer sees the pointer that you want them to see and not one that may not be as appropriate. For example, you can change the pointer to a zoom in or out pointer when hovering over an image which is not the default for images. The provided link provides more information on cursor pointers.

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