Suggestion for step 47 of "Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz"

I want to start of with - thank you so much for creating this platform for us to learn on! I love it a lot so far.

But on this particular lesson, I feel like I haven’t been taught the task i am assigned.

Usually the task i am assigned references something i learned earlier, like in a different project, so it will jog my memory or I can peek at my previous projects to find the answer if i don’t remember. But this lesson seems much harder to me.

Specifically, I don’t recall ever being taught this part of step 47:

“create a new selector targeting the navigation list elements so that when the cursor hovers over them, the background color and text color are switched, and the cursor becomes a pointer.”

I appreciate that the lessons get more challenging, but this is something I have not been taught previously, so I feel like I am relying on random google search results to find out how to do this. Which again, I understand in regular life I must do that, but since this is an educational site, I feel like it would be nice to learn this on FCC instead.

Thank you!

EDIT: I realize i learned how to change the link color in the Cafe Menu project, but I still haven’t found anywhere where I was taught to make the cursor look a certain way. Is there something I missed?

Hello. Here’s how you set the cursor properties when browsing websites.

You use the cursor CSS property and set it to pointer to make it a pointer.

More on it here.

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