Cursor not changing to pointer on anchor tag hover

Whenever I hover over a anchor tag on my page:

My cursor should change to pointer by default. On CSS line 30 I try to set the cursor to pointer when hovering over my .info-button (skill set section) and my CSS line 429 .project-tile (My projects). Despite this code, my cursor still does not change when hovering.

When I hover over each of the elements mentioned, my cursor changes to a hand pointer.

I like the page, btw.

FYI: I’m using:
Chrome, Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

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It works for me in Firefox and Chrome on Windows as well.

BTW, you may not want to use cursor: pointer on elements that are not actually clickable, like the project-desc cards. It’s fine on the buttons as they are clickable links but if you want the cards to be clickable they should be wrapped in a elements.

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Checked back a few hours later and it seemed to not be a issue anymore.

Apparently before I had caret browsing on, which might have been messing with codepen. I turned it off and not too long after the cursor pointer starting working again.

Ill fix that cursor pointer on the project.desc

Thank you @willjw3

I am recording this as apart of a web design series I am working on for Youtube.

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