Accessability by building a quiz step 46: ...when did I learn this stuff?

Hello everyone!

Quite new to coding, never done any before. The first few lessons in the Responsive Web Design course went well, but by this point, I feel like I’m being quizzed on stuff I never learned. As a prime example, the lesson mentioned in the title has a solution of:

nav > ul > li:hover {
background-color: #dfdfe2;
color: #1b1b32;
cursor: pointer;

When I got to this, I was surprised by two elements - the li:hover call and the cursor: pointer modifier. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into what I think are new elements during an exercise without current or prior explanation, but it’s a clear example.

Getting to the point, my question is this: Should I have run into these elements in earlier lessons? Or is there a resource I should have read before starting this unit? I feel like I’m getting asked questions that I have yet to get the answer to, but that’s not a complaint, I just don’t know if I’m missing something really obvious. XD Any help would be appreciated! My brain is quickly turning into oatmeal.


I think it’s just another way of introducing new elements, I also noticed they also explain the concept on the instructions a few steps or right on the next step.
It also maybe a way to encourage students to find answers searching info on the web a la odin project style.

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:hover is covered at the end of Building a Cafe Menu.

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I feel exactly the same, like there are things that are left unexplained.
You just search for them in the web and try to learn as much from what you find, unless there are documents or something that we should read or something.

This is necessary and extremely important.
Curriculum itself is useful, but it’s not encyclopedia.
Do your own research, ask questions.

As an update; The solutions are indeed out there. If anyone is struggling, I’ve found a few resources that have been really good supplementals:

CS50 Week 8 is pretty late in the CS50 course overall, but if you’re just interested in web development, it can be a SUPER comprehensive beginning overview. CS50 2021 in HDR - Lecture 8 - HTML, CSS, JavaScript - YouTube

W3 school - while I haven’t done any follow-through on their course, 3 times out of 4 my google query leads me somewhere on their site. Super useful! HTML Tutorial

Kevin Powell on youtube: Unlike CS50, which (to me, at least) feels like drinking from a fire hose, Kevin Powell’s stuff is super approachable, even for a beginner. He has a series covering the basics, which I can’t link to, because I’m already at the two link limit. XD

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