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I’ve been using this course to learn coding, and I really love it. Just a quick question regarding this lesson: Am I expected to have some background knowledge or are there steps I missed before this lesson?
The reason I ask is because in this lesson, I’m expected to use elements that were never covered in previous lessons ex: unordered lists, using # as a selector for images in CSS, and the form element as a whole. I’m only on step 14 at the moment, and thankfully when I submit it incorrectly, the lesson quickly tells me exactly what I need, but that seems like a counter to learning. I don’t wanna be given the answers right away, but the way it’s worded, I’m not even sure what to look up online to solve it alone.

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Sorry to hear you are struggling with the step you are on.
For me, before I can comment, I would like to ask if you have been using html/css curriculum in the recommended order?

(Building a Cat Photo app => cafe menu => coloured markers etc)

Thanks for clarifying this.

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Thank you!
Yes, I’ve been doing them in order from top to bottom. I’m currently on step 20 and was given 1 or 2 more steps that asked me to complete something I can’t recall doing. I have another page pulled up so I can look at the prior lessons to remember/learn/compare. I shouldn’t have said “never covered”. Maybe they were covered and I just can’t remember/find how it was done before in other lessons.

Edit: I am struggling again to find past lessons that cover “for” attributes and linking “input” elements to the labels

Thanks for revising as well your position as that is certainly fair to say.

First, I want to join you because I wish the curriculum had an index of topics. (So that we can find lessons that speak to a specific aspect of syntax for eg). This is on my personal wish list of improvements here. Having said that though, google is helpful for pulling up html and css syntax whenever needed (simply search for eg for “html unordered list tag” and you should quickly find the proper syntax with examples)

Second, we hope you will not be shy about asking for help on the forum. I have worked as a teaching assistant in multiple computer science classes and everyone struggles the same way to remember what they learned (in this case from a real live teacher too). That is quite normal when learning something as complex as programming. So I would hope you can give yourself some grace in this and realize that the struggle you face will just cement the knowledge more in your mind.

Ps. Try this search for the for attribute “html label for attribute”

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Thank you again!
Just to reiterate a little, the way parts are worded were a bit confusing to me as well. Like the unordered list. It just asked for an unordered list. Without being able to find past lessons on it, I was actually unaware that it was a separate element itself. I believed I just needed to make use list elements with the items in any order I want. This might have been more easily solved if the words “unordered list” were highlighted as well. I love the idea of having an index of topics though! That would provide a lot of precise aid where needed.

That is a good suggestion. I think though the reason it is not highlighted is because it is “normal English” and not a “keyword” or something that we need you to type.
That is, if it was highlighted, people would think it was something they should copy and paste into their code. So probably more confusion could result from that as well.

Having said that, I do see how the difficulty level may have suddenly jumped up in this exercise because of the way :point_down:t4:

If you can think of a specific way the curriculum can improve please share it to GitHub by opening a new issue for discussion. (I don’t have that link handy but it is easily searched)

Final thought: once you become a web dev, you will hear yourself say things like “list” or “link” or “selector” and expect people hearing you to map that to the language concept and code immediately. You would not have time to explain each time that a list is a ul tag or that a link is an anchor tag etc and that is is if you are nice! A customer would not even use these words, they would just say “make me something like Amazon!” And that’s it. :smiley:

Hope this answer provides some satisfaction to you and again, feel free to ask for help! We all need it!

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