Cute Quote Machine - React

It’s been a while since my last post :slightly_smiling_face:. I was busy learning new stuff . I know that React is probably too much for this project, but it was a good start anyway.
I used the free API endpoint suggested here.

Btw, I added a save button that saves the quote and author as a text file. I initially wanted to add a button that you could use to save the whole quote section as an image but gave up midway since it seems that there’s no straightforward doing this due to security issues. (I could use canvas API anyway).

I would appreciate your feedback and comments.

Here’s the project on Netlify :

GitHub repo:

and on codesandbox:

It looks good @Pejman.

I don’t think so. The instructions say “Use Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, React, and Redux to build 5 projects…

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The design is nice and clean, I like it :slight_smile: Can’t really comment on the code since I am a noob myself lol

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