Quote Machine - React App - Feedback

Hi all!

I’ve been plugging through the curriculum for some months, but this is my first time posting here. I just finished the quote machine. I’m working through the beta site now, so this is my first React app.

I built it locally, rather than in codepen, so here’s a link to the app and github repo.


Any feedback is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

The app only works on Http. It seems the API used to get quotes doesn’t work over https- so I think there’s nothing I can do about that?

Also, I deployed using Netlify- wow, that was super smooth!


Good job! The code looks nice.

Just few things to improve it: I would get rid of the logo import as, I think, you’re not using it in your App. I would also make the Quote component dumb (refactor it to make it a function instead of class) because your not using any state there. Also, the design appears to need some work, specially on mobile.

Other than that, the app looks great.

Happy coding!